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Repairs & Maintenance

Storm Preparedness

The crew trucks and the service trucks are fully equipped with tools, equipment and supplies essential to the job. They are regularly inspected for operational condition and safety compliance.


We equip our field personnel with cell phones in order to expeditiously dispatch them for maximum responsiveness to customer calls. We also train and stress the importance of teamwork and individual responsibility. Key members of our team are cross-trained to accommodate any unexpected workloads or needs of our clients.

Since 1978, our service department has helped increase our customers' return on their roof investment. Our repair division handles all major and minor issues that occur on your roof quickly and efficiently.


All roofs need regular maintenance to increase roof life, prevent leaks, damage, and costly repairs. Preventive maintenance for your roof system is something to seriously consider. Regular inspections are important to early discovery of roof problems. Repairing these problems before further damage occurs will help ensure that your roof has a longer service life.

An ounce of prevention is said to be worth a pound of cure. This is very true when it comes to hurricanes and tropical storms. While we can assist you after a storm, the preferred clients of Barber & Associates, Inc. can have the confident assurance of having surveys, recommendations and enhancements to existing roof systems prior to storm season. We specialize in inspecting and reinforcing attachments, edge details and recognizing potential weak points in any roof system. Our teams are trained to quickly and efficiently re-mediate noted problems before they become disasters.


Barber & Associates, Inc. maintains 4 to 5 full roofing crews and 3 service crews at all times. We can deploy additional crews if the workload indicates the need.

We are dedicated to stopping small problems before they become larger ones, thereby maximizing the life of your roof system. When we inspect a commercial or industrial building, we look for a broad range of potential problems such as:

- Open pipe flashing

- Rooftop debris

- Open field seams

- Open wall flashing sealant

- Plugged roof drains


The life expectancy of your roof can often be tied to how well it has been maintained. If your facility has roof repair needs or if you just need some sound advice on the best way to optimize the life of your roof, we can help you. Call us now for a free estimate for your roofing repair or maintenance needs.

Green Roofing

Environmentally conscientious and economically savvy builders know the value of using products that effect energy efficiency and resource conservation in their projects. The roof of your project is a prime feature for incorporating these important products and procedures in your building plans.


We work with our clients to achieve LEED standards using recycled, energy efficient, and locally procured products in their roof systems. Please follow the link for more information on Green Building and the advantage for you, your project and the environment to use LEED criteria.

Why use lightweight concrete roof decks?

- Excellent base for single-ply and built-up roof systems

- Fire and Wind Resistant

- Excellent R-values when used with insulating board

- Achieves positive drainage on problem roof systems

- Provide a smooth, hard, and seamless substrate for roofing systems

- Can be left in place for economical re-roofing


What are our application options?

- Can be used over vented or non-vented steel decking

- Can be used with insulation board to effect positive roof to drain slope

- Can be poured over structural concrete, Tectum, or existing roof system

What cost factors should we consider?

- High insulating values

- Eliminates disruptive and costly tear-offs at re-roofing

- Increases life of roof system

- High compressive strength reduces potential for damage from roof traffic


How durable are these systems?

- Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual and other code authorities have tested and approved roof deck insulation systems for wind and fire ratings

- Resistant to damage from moisture

Lightweight Concrete Roof Decks

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